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    Adelbert Hartwell
    June 02, 2024

    A quaint and plain Asian eatery with decent food. They changed their menu recently and I think it was better before but oh well. They need more decor inside to make it appealing to dine in as I never see anybody that does.

    The Shop
    February 06, 2024

    If I could give them zero star I would. I went in for a pick up order 2/3/24. We ordered everything gluten free which they up charged for. There should not be a up charge for uten free dishes when the ingredients are already gluten free. We order chicken fried rice, pork fried rice, orange chicken, generals chicken and 6 vegetable spring rolls. The total was near 70 dollars. I took the food hike and we had dinner where we all shared the dishes. Within a hour every member of my family was sick... Stomach cramps, nausea and what come along with it. I called them on Monday to explain what had happened, I didn't ask for money back. I did tell them I would not be eating there ever again. The person on the phine put me on hold to speak with a manager. The manager that I spoke to put me on hold to speak to his manager. I then got a phone call from a fourth person saying they where the manager and proceeded to tell me they had been in business for 20 years and if I had went to a doctor and that their food wasn't the reason for us all getting food poisoning. She said she would try and talk to the owners to see but basically it want there fault and get lost. I have years of food service experience and this was a clear case of food poisoning. You do right by the customer... They did not and insulted me to top it off. Not good.

    Annabel Aron
    April 08, 2024

    Unfortunately I had to submit a review this time. This place use to make decent fried rice. Now, they just place a bunch of rice, maybe cooked with chicken broth, at the bottom to the top of the container and just top it off with whatever protein was ordered. It appears like a whole lot of food. It's just all rice under the single top layer of protein.They DO NOT STIR FRY!!!! You get a whole lot if white rice with with no eggs and minut vegetables. Shameful!

    K Ryan Sutton
    July 20, 2023

    Ordered $100 worth of food. Don’t get me wrong. The awesome lady at the front desk was super kind and nice. I enjoyed her company and conversation, the gentleman in the back was level headed and looked like a prince. The downside in atmosphere is they are in a dying strip mall on the far edge of town. But the biggest thing that is hurting them? The food. It’s just awful. I am sorry to post this. But we (literally) could not stomach it. The (Lo-main) should always be made with soy sauce, if you wish to add anything to it like the overpowering sesame oil, that would be secondary. You cannot call this dish (loMein) it is sesame noodles. One a note. I am allergic to Sesame oil. The chicken wings. Should always have a signature spice or sauce. Plain wings are a customer request, not a dish best served. To add to that almost all of the 10 wings were broken. The bones were splintered and I caught one in my gums on the second one. Then tried multiple others, thinking it was a fluke. The wings say (fried) they were far from fried. The (dumplings) fried and or the (chicken dumplings) not sure which be I got cause they were all stuffed with a foul taste of fish and fishy odor. Very disappointed, the dumpling sauce was sweet/tart and over salted. The general Taos and sesame chicken for another person, well breaded (batter) vs a course coating is not ideal on these dishes. It’s becomes THIA food when battered like tempera, and the sauce does not complement the dish. It becomes soggy and mushy. The sauces used were straight off wee (a multi international) distributor. There sauces are sub par at best to begin with. Very over sugared and or salty, If they had any signature sauces it could have made a huge difference. But every single sauce, was straight out of a mass distribution wear house and many were old or expired. Even the teriyaki chicken dish left so much to the imagination. It was packaged well, with the best presentation. But over all the taste was very bad. On the plus, all dishes seemed to be cooked throughout so no risks of raw meets. The part I am most confused about, is why my dishes had an option for egg rice, steamed rice or (loMein) when it was going to be served in a bed or undercooked rice to begin with. This place needs to invest in a sticky rice maker. The rice was very bad and undercooked. The foil chicken or paper chicken was overpriced and super tiny portions. I suggest you replace this with chicken skewers. Because I had expected more from this place, having such wonderful people working in it, I was gravely disappointed. Also I really thought the fortune cookie would redeem something, but it was a (sour lemon) cookie. The added lemon was not needed. It was good until that bitterness overcame my tastebuds. I really did try. I wanted to like it. I also got the egg drop soup. But it was factory made. No originality to any dish. And the cheapest ingredients available. Very disappointing. And a waste of $100. They do have a marble Japanese soda. And it was fun and enjoyable.

    Molly Osness
    May 25, 2024

    All your fried food, egg rolls, wontons are covered in tiny little white fluff/ from what I'm assuming is a towel that you place them on after taking them out of the fryer. Very tedious to take them all off. This happens every time we order.

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