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126 W Mountain Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA

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    Natalie Plaszewski
    January 08, 2024

    Service was great! We actually got our food decently quick! We felt as though our fries were too salty, the chicken was definitely juicy and okay- but as others have said, not too crispy. Also, the churros were actually better than my expectations, but they were just barely warm. Overall, it was okay but wasn’t for me. I don’t think I would personally try it again.

    Emily M
    October 22, 2023

    I really want to give a five star review because when Comet Chicken is good it is amazing! But their food is so inconsistent. We have been eating here for years and I like to say my son is made of Comet Chicken because I ate it at least once a week when I was pregnant. Sometimes the chicken is basically only breading and fried to a crisp, sometimes there are barely any fries (picture is +$2.99 for that many fries), and they almost always forget the sauce when we order to go. Disappointing that it is so inconsistent.

    Aaron Decker
    August 12, 2023

    This is great for individuals and families alike. We typically go once to twice a month if not more. Love the tossed sauces. Quick service, even when busy. Always fresh and hot! For me, the three piece tenders and fries are a good size meal. I suggest tenders tossed in sauce, not just on the side. The spicy Thai sauce is delicious! And not too hot, it is more about the flavor. I also get ranch to dip fries and tenders. Great for kids. They have a 2 piece meal that works well for small kids. Fair warning, finding parking can be difficult. Once you find a parking spot you are in for a nice meal.

    Ashley Dubois
    May 20, 2023

    Vegetarian chicken basket! I rarely post local reviews (unless something is standout), but I want to start leaving more photos & info for vegetarians at restaurants that serve meat. Kind of helping along where I see posts or pics lacking. I’m a veg head that will spend hours looking for realistic photos of a restaurant’s nonmeat menu items- and it is exhausting. However, there’s so much nasty vegetarian food out there, I have to verify what it’s gonna look like. It’s a huge call at an omnivore’s restaurant to judge: 1) if it’s gonna be good or freezer burnt soy. 2) Would normal humans want to eat it? There are good & disgusting ways of making a “corn & onion taco,” for example. 3) IF what I got really is veggie, or if I accidentally got animal products. I can spiral on this one and get pretty upset. Realistically: certain dashing companies have had an almost 90% rate of getting my orders wrong or forgetting items. So this is a real concern if you’re worried about meat and can’t tell! Pics and website info help! So- these tenders are advertised as Gardein, and appear freshly breaded. They’re hard to distinguish from the other tenders visually- which can be a good thing. Like, hey: this isn’t a shriveled up second rate excuse for the real thing. It looks as good as the other stuff! So it’s NOT the Gardein from the grocery freezer. Or… it is possibly something wholesale by Gardein, or breaded on site. I’m just theorizing here; I do not work here. POINT: it’s better quality than grocery Gardein. Visuals: inside appears more uniformly white and than photos of the meaty tenders. “Chunked” appearance, rather than being smooth through & through. If I get to see the meat option ordered by my husband one day, I can post a side by side comparison photo. Taste/Smell: tastes spot on for veggie chicken. Not super spiced/flavored- which leaves room for their great sauces. Inside smells faintly of soy- outside smells like typical chicken breading. If you stop eating meat for years, meat can have a strong, acrid, pungent smell. This does NOT smell like that. Texture: They’re soft, rather than chewy- thick- or tough. As noted above: meaty texture. If this grosses you out: pass. However it doesn’t have any faux “meat strings” going on and is moreso just- texturized. For texture pics check the closeups I attached to see- Or to verify your meal. 😂😀 Integrity: I don’t know if Comet fries veg strips with the same oil as meats This is not a huge concern of mine- as long as it doesn’t taste like it had a personality- or smell like a body- and it’s out of sight, out of mind. I know it’s important to a lot of people. So maybe ask, if this is you! OTHER MENU ITEMS: Churros: I’m a huge sweet tooth. Sugar & caffeine are my vices- and I’ve been known to fry my own churros at home with a huge pot of black coffee. From that standpoint: these measure up! They’re damn good. Thick. Bready. Adequate, balanced sugar & cinnamon. There is no sad “cinnamon twist” situation here. A highlight of ordering. Slaw: I’m a mayo hater. Alot of slaw tastes like mayo, and I was horrified to see slaw in my order. But hell, I tried it. It’s damn good! It doesn’t taste like the shaved mayo lettuce from a certain Kentucky colonel. More like a creamy side salad, only like mayo in the same way ranch might be, if you catch my drift. Refreshing. Sauces: I’m buffalo obsessed, and theirs is pretty good! BBQ is smoky- tangy- all the things. Reminds me of Texas. Ranch is thin, milky rather than tangy. Seems homemade. Can’t comment on sauces I haven’t tried. Soda/Bev: This is personal preference. But the sodas they have are smaller batch, tasty, cane sugar varieties. Higher ingredient quality than your standard polar bear variety (though I do love classics). Yum! Anyway- thanks Comet! I appreciate having another alternative in town for veg chicken. I ate so much chicken growing up in the deep south that my father said I’d probably turn into one. 🐔 Old habits die hard- and I REALLY appreciate being able to get an old favorite cruelty free!

    Miriam Rivera
    July 18, 2023

    The chicken was amazing! The chicken was tender, tasty, and well prepared. Their crafted sodas are delicious! We loved the food and atmosphere.

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