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3836 E Mulberry St Building A, Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA

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    Hangar Lemovecz
    March 06, 2024

    Have chosen to stay somewhat long-term at this hotel after staying a few weeks at neighboring ones a not feeling safe. This place is clearly under renovation but they are working hard to clean it up and it shows. Front desk staff has been nothing but pleasant and accommodating. The room is simple but very comfortable. We personally enjoy the pool although it seems extremely under-used right now. The plants are real and they’re awesome. I wish there was a little more sunlight in the pool area! Although we were promised breakfast and other amenities that we haven’t seen yet (I have heard they are coming back and I do believe it), we really like this spot. We face the mountains and we wake up refreshed. It’s generally very quiet after hours too which is a change from the other spot we were staying nearby. It is not luxurious by any means but it has potential that it is slowly fulfilling (pool seating, pool table, laundry, elevator). Right now we feel we get what we are paying for. With a little extra work we would absolutely be willing to pay more to continue staying here as a long term option.

    Duncan Henrikson
    April 28, 2024

    Yes, under renovation, but price reflects any inconvenience. Abby, the manager was most helpful, room (suite) was clean and ultra spacious. Excellent location just off I-25. Until restaurant and bar are opened, breakfast is bag at front desk, which was sufficient. If you expect gourmet dining, Waffle House is near-by.

    Sarah Burns
    January 12, 2024

    Avoid at all costs. This hotel is disgusting and staff is a freaking joke. The first room we were put it did not have a functioning air conditioning unit, the sliding door to the balcony wouldn't open because the track has caked in who knows what, no vent fan and we lost all water to the room three times before they finally moved us to a different room. I ended up fixing the toilet, in the first room, due to it running constantly. The second room had condom wrappers under the bed, a broken microwave, a mini fridge that was missing most of the racks, and ants, so many ants. The third room had a bathroom light that wouldn't turn off, the walls had stuff dried running down them, sticking balcony door, no microwave (we had to repeatedly ask before they finally supplied one), outlets with missing covers, holes in the walls, the elevator makes so much noise it woke us up throughout the night, no vent fan and broken and stained curtains (on the balcony and the shower). The staff gossips about the guests and each other, there is no breakfast (like advertised), the pool is dirty and has glass in it from the broken windows above it, the hot tub isn't functioning, the guest laundry is not functioning, the "tower" reeks of dog feces and urine, the gym equipment is broken, the one functioning elevator in the tower makes unnerving creaking and groaning noises and is missing chunks of floor tiles and is full of graffiti. Requests for sheets and towels frequently required an extended wait, as they didn't have any clean linens. Our teenagers were told they weren't permitted to be anywhere outside of our room or the pool, this included outside on the balcony in our room. We received a letter threatening the throw us out when we had towels drying on the balcony, because they wouldn't dry in the room due to humidity and lack of vent fans causing so much condensation it would, for lack of a better term, rain in the bathroom. We ended up being kicked out for making a complaint about poop in and around the swimming pool. The front desk was made aware of the poop at least 18 hours before we made a actual complaint about it being a health hazard. We were told we were lucky they were gonna let us stay through the days we already paid for and accused our kids of stealing from the "gift shop". When I pointed out that was a lie and the cameras in the "gift shop" would have recorded it and we would have been thrown out when it happened. they told us leave and threatened to call the police on us. I assume they called because a cop showed up at the hotel but never came to talk to us and left. We gladly packed our stuff up and moved to another hotel, where we already had reservations for after our stay at this hotel. They then refused to refund us for the days we already paid for. The grounds are poorly maintained, the building is in a state of severe disrepair, there are used needles all over the place, inside and out. I'm sure I'm still missing stuff. Just avoid this place, unless your a glutton for punishment or have a death wish.

    Tara Davis
    May 13, 2024

    Room 260 - Floors were obviously not cleaned, the door to the balcony doesn't close because the building is so wonky so there is literally a 3in gap at the top of the door so it doesn't lock which really makes me feel safe. You can hear everything all through the night because of this. The sink in the bathroom is leaking and the hair dryer doesn't work. Oh yeah, can't forget the crumbs in the sheets in both beds. So. Yeah. Book at own risk 🤗

    Alicia Joseph
    May 11, 2024

    Cool place, bed was comfy. The website says free breakfast, but dont expect anything. Supposdly parts for resturant are not in. Hot tub is broken, pool heaters aren't working. Very disappointed, especially since I paid $100 for a single night. Other issue out of their hands but annoying was the sheriff and forensic van had to respond, to what im not sure but nothing good. Also the fighting from other residences that were drunk went from 8 pm to 1 am in the hallways with no intervention by staff. Kindda sketchy, and I couldn't leave my room nor sleep. Would be willing to try again if they can ever get their stuff fixed and act together.

    Quality Inn & Suites I-25 North

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