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    January 17, 2024

    We haven’t been to this location for over 2 yrs. Now I remember why. There were 4-5 tables that were left unclean the entire time we ate. This place is dirty. The bathrooms are disgusting. Bottom less…yeah right. They strategically give you little to no fry’s and then fail to come back or bring more until you’re done with your food. Our waiter was polite. They do seem under staffed. How do these restaurants pass inspection!? Maybe just bad time to come after the rush. But there should be no excuse. The food and ingredients were good not great the chicken tenders were a little over fried. The tortilla on my wrap was a little hard to bite through. The burgers they ask if you want pink or no pink. We said no pink. They were pink. The cleanliness was a deal breaker for me. Such a shame we used to really enjoy going there.

    Kelsey Knight
    November 27, 2023

    Worst wrap I've ever had. I love the Whiskey River BBQ wrap, to the point that it's the only menu item I order the 1-2 times a year I visit Red Robin. I don't know what recipe this kitchen was using, but the chicken was dry and not cup up, the shredded lettuce was minimal and wilted, and the size was so small. I will not be visiting this location again. Our waitress Ryleigh was very sweet and attentive.

    Jennifer B
    April 09, 2024

    Zero stars. This is the third time that the food has been awful. I won’t be giving this restaurant another chance. They are serving rare burgers if you are lucky enough that they even get your order correct in the first place. When asked about this for the third time their excuse was that they have a “green” kitchen. Basically cooks with no experience and they don’t care. They said they would refund the meal by sending a gift certificate to email and they never did. Considering how much they charge for a burger, spend your money elsewhere.

    Chris Curzon
    November 14, 2023

    Josh, the exceptional server at Red Robin, has truly redefined the dining experience with his impeccable service, genuine warmth, and an unparalleled commitment to ensuring every patron leaves with not just a full stomach but also a heart full of contentment. From the moment I stepped into Red Robin, Josh's affable demeanor stood out. His welcoming smile and genuine enthusiasm set a positive tone for the entire dining experience. It was evident that this was not just a job for Josh; it was a passion that translated into a memorable evening for every guest he served. One of the standout qualities that immediately impressed me was Josh's extensive knowledge of the menu. He didn't just recite the list of dishes; he took the time to discuss and recommend options based on my preferences. His enthusiasm for the culinary offerings at Red Robin was infectious, turning the act of ordering into a delightful exploration of flavors. Josh's recommendations were spot-on, showcasing not only his knowledge but also his ability to tailor suggestions to individual tastes. Throughout the meal, Josh's timing and attentiveness were exceptional. He seemed to have an innate sense of when to check in, ensuring that my dining experience flowed seamlessly. My glass was consistently filled, and any additional requests were met with efficiency and a genuine eagerness to accommodate. This heightened level of service elevated the overall enjoyment of the meal, creating an atmosphere where patrons felt cared for and valued. What truly set Josh apart was his ability to forge a genuine connection with diners. Beyond taking orders, he engaged in friendly and authentic conversations, making the experience personal and enjoyable. It wasn't just about the food; it was about the people and the shared enjoyment of a good meal. Josh's friendly and approachable demeanor created a welcoming ambiance, turning a regular night out into a social and enjoyable event. Josh's professionalism shone through in every aspect of his work. Even during busy hours, he managed the tables with grace and efficiency, never compromising on the quality of service. His dedication to ensuring that every guest received the same high standard of care was evident, creating an environment where patrons could relax and fully appreciate the dining experience. Moreover, Josh's attention to detail was remarkable. Each dish was not just served; it was presented with a touch of finesse, showcasing his commitment to enhancing the overall dining experience. From the perfectly timed delivery of courses to the aesthetically pleasing presentation of each plate, Josh's meticulous approach contributed to making the meal a visual and gastronomic delight. As I reflect on the evening, it's clear that Josh's contributions extended far beyond the traditional role of a server. He wasn't just facilitating a meal; he was orchestrating a symphony of culinary delight, ensuring that every element of the dining experience was harmonious. His ability to seamlessly blend professionalism with a personable touch is a testament to his exceptional skills in the realm of hospitality. In conclusion, my dining experience at Red Robin was not just enjoyable; it was elevated to a level of excellence by the outstanding service provided by Josh. His knowledge, attentiveness, friendliness, and unwavering commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on this culinary journey. I am not merely leaving a restaurant review; I am expressing my sincere appreciation for a dining experience made extraordinary by the exceptional service of a waiter who understands the art of hospitality. Josh, thank you for turning a meal at Red Robin into a memorable and delightful occasion. I eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to savor both the delectable dishes and the outstanding service you so consistently provide.

    WhoLetTheCorporationsIn ?
    March 25, 2024

    Picked up a to go order tonight at 10:30pm. I understand it's the last hour so I tipped what I could to hope for the best in service but the food was not good. The guy up front was nice and accommodating in letting me know everything I ordered was in the bag, and listed the things off to assure me which was nice. Besides having everything I ordered, I was not happy with the food. To spend $50 on cold and obviously old stale fries and two burnt burgers with stale bread, I feel like I just wasted my money and time and that the cook just didn't care to try (they put things on one of the burgers we asked to be taken off, and like i mentioned, burnt both burgers and pretty much added no sauce, and on top of that the buns were stale). Real bummer of a dinner and end of the night, probably won't go back unless they make it right, then I'll update this comment!

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