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    Trucker Julz
    September 17, 2023

    OH MY GOD!!!!! I’m not impressed with any steak anywhere. BUT I ordered rare medallions and what I got was HEAVEN! RARE REARE RARE! PERFECT! I could not have been more pleased with dinner tonight!!!!!! The cooks name is Cruze and this guy cooks name and Monday and Tuesdays he’s off. If I were you, I would be visiting on days other than Monday and Tuesday because and then this guy knows how to cook and aims to PLEASE his CUSTOMERS! I say Texas Roadhouse owes this cook many raises!!!!!!! Thank y, Cruze for cooking our dinner tonight. You are welcome to come by my house and cook for us there too. 😎

    Marcia Donahue
    September 21, 2023

    Let’s start with we got right it. We were on the waitlist prior to arriving since we were a family of 5 so when we got there we waited a few minutes then got sat. Waiter was great! Rodney our waiter, tried to make the night enjoyable as the horrible cooking was not his fault and he just couldn't bare to even look me in the eyes toward the end of the night. We ordered a few drinks, an appetizer and 4 meals. We had three different cuts of steak at our table and asked for them all to be cooked at medium! Of which 1 came medium, 1 came well, 1 came rare. We called our waiter over asked his opinion on the cooking of them and he agreed they weren’t cooked correctly then sent 2 of them back. I asked if it was going to take 20 minutes because if so my entire family would be done eating and i would rather not send them then since i had a smaller child he said no. The first steak which was rare the first time came back with the same piece cut off to the side and was sizzling and charred so I cut into it with the manager standing there and I said this is well done now my son won’t eat it, he asked for medium and handed back to manager. I said just take it back, don’t bother even remaking now since my entire family is done eating. He said ok you’re just waiting on a side of loaded fries now, right? I said no where’s my meal? The manager comes back out with steak number two that was cooked well and said we cut open that other steak in back and the center was medium ma’am. I said no you watched me cut it open. He pulled out a card i said you saw what it looked like and agreed. So I proceed to cut into this steak he just handed me and asked him what this was and he said it was medium. I then asked my waiter what he thought it was cooked at and he said medium rare. I said well your manager just told me it was medium. He said well then that’s what it is we gotta go with what he says. The manager would not talk to us slipped a free dinner on us coupon at our table and walked away while our waiter was trying to smooth things over because he felt so bad. What a horrible way to be treated by the so called manager? Also, how is this steak considered medium?

    Amie Conant
    May 22, 2023

    * Here with family on May 21, 2023, At 5pm for dinner. Sunday. Sam-i-am was our server. She was wonderful. It was very busy. I think we left around 7:30 pm. My spouse and I ate dinner there on September 14, a Wednesday, but still busy and very crowded. We ordered the potato skins as an appetizer and had water to drink. My husband ordered the 2 pork chop meal, and I ordered the most tender steak, don't remember the name. I also got sides of a salad and steak fries. The steak and the pork chops were very good even though they burnt the outside of both. The steak fries were boring with pepper again. Also the salad had egg on it. One of my pet peeves is no one tells you there's egg on your salad-- I do not like egg on my salad. My husband's two sides were the broccoli and potato. We also both had mushrooms for the top. While I was there I thought back to when we were young with just 2 kids never able to go out to eat because it was too expensive-- well if 4 people, 2 parents and 2 kids ordered the 2 pork chop meal, and then ordered the salad and the steak fries for sides, in addition to the rolls-- you could split everything and get out of here for between $20-30. Depending on the tip. Here's a couple more tips though,-- don't order the potato skins, my husband found a bone in them. And it wasn't my favorite. You don't need the mushrooms, they tasted rubbery. And many of the other sides are in a really small bowl-- like the broccoli, applesauce, and macaroni and cheese. * We went back on Friday, January 20th with family. We tried to get on the wait list online but it didn't work. I ordered a rib eye that was the thinnest rib eye I have ever seen. My husband got the same thing but had added mushrooms and onions. We both ordered the house salad, mine w/o egg, and the potato. I also had a peach lemonade. It was really yummy. Someone else in our party ordered a porterhouse-- it's a really thick steak. The porterhouse was done perfectly. The porterhouse tasted Great. My steak was burnt and at least half was fatty. So very yucky steak. My husband's tasted dry to me, but he said it was fine. The rolls can't be beat. And the service of Conner was phenomenal.

    Colin Nguyen
    September 18, 2023

    I ordered a medium rare steak and they gave me one which was raw. Whatever right, they’re gonna get me a new one I thought. Then they sent that same piece of steak back and cooked it some more for like 20 mins. By the time I got my “cooked steak” my party had already finished dinner. My steak was half medium rare and half well done as it was already cut up. Thing looked chewed up and spit out. They really wanted me to pay $35 for a cut up steak. Should’ve gotten me a new one from the beginning.

    Erika Marquez
    November 14, 2023

    Food was great! We went on Veterans Day and it was super busy. We were seated quickly and our server was absolutely amazing! We visited from out of town but if we pass through the area we will definitely choose here again!

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